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When David’s wife dies at the hands of a corrupt medical system, David is out for justice. With his skills as a lawyer and his position inside the biggest health insurance company in America—American True Care—he plans to bring down the system, from the inside.


David begins to work his way up the company while recruiting a clandestine team to build a covert case against American True Care. But this is a dangerous game and the players have ties to the highest levels of government. Propped up by lobbyists, senators, congressmen, and even the White House, American True Care will do whatever it takes to keep hold of its power.


As the web of deception and danger tightens around David and his team, they begin to realize that to win they have to risk it all—even their lives.


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T.F. Jacobs has woven an intricate and thrilling story that keeps the reader turning pages frantically until the end is reached. The characters are believable and have the reader brimming with hatred and disgust and questioning the whole system of healthcare, insurance, and even government itself. An amazing pace to the writing makes this an exciting and compelling read with an immensely satisfying ending. The book itself is perfectly edited with a clear story arc that doesn’t confuse. A truly riveting piece of work - this author is definitely one to watch and is to be applauded on an excellent book. Highly recommended. Well done to a star author in the making.
— Jane Finch, Readers' Favorite
This novel really was one in a million for me. THIS is what a thriller is all about...Through strong characterization, and the first person present tense style, it felt more like I was getting a glimpse into the lives of real people that had been translated to the page...As an artist as well as an author, I am so pleased to be able to tell you that Jacobs had a movie running in my head the entire time....Fantastic work, truly fantastic.
— Amanda Nicole Ryan, Author
Extremely well written and the pacing was brilliant...Jacobs has a talent for writing action scenes...I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
— Tia Cummings, Author


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T.F. Jacobs writes stories, that as a reader, he’d want to pick up and never put down. Fast-paced stories tackling hot-button issues with twists and turns to keep you guessing till the end. Before focusing his career on writing, he worked in marketing and advertising. When Jacobs isn’t working on a book, you’ll find him at one of Southern California’s many beautiful beaches.




Q and A on Untangling the Black Web


Q: Which actor would you like to see playing the lead character in this book?

A: This role was made for Jake Gyllenhaal. I mean I won’t stop Ryan Gosling from auditioning, but I feel this one is better suited for Jake. Jake, if you’re reading this, let’s make it happen.


 Q: Which writers inspire you?

 A: I like writers who know how to keep you turning the pages. Joseph Finder is a true master of suspense, and Blake Crouch has the art of writing thrillers down to a tee. Another personal inspiration is the late Stieg Larsson of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.


Q: What is the inspiration for this story?

A: Whether it be loopholes in contracts or coverage, unregulated costs, or just rising costs of premiums, people are upset and don’t trust the American healthcare industry. Being such a hot-button issue, this was a story I really wanted to read. The problem was that no one had written it yet.


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