Q and A on Untangling the Black Web


Q: Which actor would you like to see playing the lead character in this book?

A: This role was made for Jake Gyllenhaal. I mean I won’t stop Ryan Gosling from auditioning, but I feel this one is better suited for Jake. Jake, if you’re reading this, let’s make it happen.


 Q: Which writers inspire you?

 A: I like writers who know how to keep you turning the pages. Joseph Finder is a true master of suspense, and Blake Crouch has the art of writing thrillers down to a tee. Another personal inspiration is the late Stieg Larsson of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.


Q: What is the inspiration for this story?

A: Whether it be loopholes in contracts or coverage, unregulated costs, or just rising costs of premiums, people are upset and don’t trust the American healthcare industry. Being such a hot-button issue, this was a story I really wanted to read. The problem was that no one had written it yet.